Rock of Rages

No, I'm not doin' very well.
I built a lot of dreams, but they fell down two by two.
Yes it's true.

I never thought he'd say good-bye.
But when the music changed I felt the magic die.
Oh why... oh why?

We were standin' at the top.
But the panic wouldn't stop.
And the chapel of love fell down.
With the English beat all around.

I don't wanna turn the pages. Rock of Rages.

Oh, Mama- I'm callin',
but no one listens to me anymore.
Oh, Daddy- I'm fallin'.
And please catch me like you always did... before.

Oh, now I'm barely hangin' on.
You know, the fear rushed in when the innocence was gone.
It was gone... can't go on.

I tried to sleep away the pain.
But I can't keep the tears from fallin' like the rain.
It's insane. All this pain.

You know, I was hiding.
My worlds colliding.
And the leader of the pack went down.
Is she ever comin' back to town.

I don't wanna turn the pages.
Rock of Rages.

Mama I miss you- Wanna be with you.
Mama you always knew how to help me.
And Daddy I miss you- Wanna be with you.
Wish you could come back just for a little while.

Oh, Mama- I'm breakin'.
Please take me and hold me in your arms tonight.
Oh, Daddy- I'm shakin'.
Please wake me...
and tell me everything's alright.